Drilco Services – Temporary Shoring

Temporary shoring is process in which Drilco has performed for many years; this is why Drilco takes great pride in our ability to perform in this service. Shoring is a form of earth retention that is used when a vertical subterranean excavation is made. The cut is retained by an engineered systems of solider piles and lagging to laterally support adjacent structures and improvements, but more importantly, to “protect the men working below grade”. These are two basic types of shoring, permanent and temporary.

Temporary is as the name applies. It is used to retain the earth while a conventional retaining wall is built, waterproofed and backed filled. Generally, we will install vertical wide flange beams, in a drilled shaft and steel plate lagging. After the conventional retaining wall is built, Drilco, Inc. will recover the shoring members. Along with installation and removal of the shoring systems Driclo also can perform design/build projects. This is the most cost effective method.