Drilco Services – Soil Anchors

There are several types of soil anchors; Tiebacks, soil nails, rock bolts and helical anchors. All are generally installed in a horizontal plane. Each type is tension tested to ensure they reach design requirements.

Tieback are used to provide additional lateral support for each shoring when the vertical cut is too great in height to be supported with a cantilever system. This application is referred to as a restrained condition. They are also used in conjunction with grade beams and structural shotcrete facing for slope failure conditions. Helical anchors may also be used for this application. These are a screw type anchors as compared to an anchor that is place in a drilled shaft.

Soil nails are generally used for surficial slop failure in conjunction with structural shotcrete facing. Rock bolts are as the name implies and utilized with a structural shotcrete facing in near vertical rock formation to migrate sloughing.

Micropiles and helical piers are very similar in nature but are installed in a vertical position for foundation support.