Drilco Services – Caissons

For many years Drilco has been installing custom foundations for buildings of all sizes, these custom foundations will ensure the structures stability in the varying soil conditions of Southern California. A “deep shaft foundation” requires the drilling of vertical shafts with embedded structural steel (re-bar or piling) and concrete throughout to bear the foundation loads. These shafts may be end bearing or friction piles. Several terms are used to describe this types of foundation, such as caissons, drilled piers and CIDH (cast in drilled hole). These shafts are used to bear vertical foundation loads and or to create lateral soil stability. Also, when they are used in earth retention systems and are referred to as solider piles.

With the ever-increasing cost of real property, it is sometimes more cost effective to go down rather than out. As on hillside lots, an earth retention system is a necessary to attain more usable space. This is referred to as “shoring or slop stabilization”. Drilco, Inc. is proficient in installing whatever system may be required. Drilco, Inc. also offers a “design/build” solution for your shoring needs.