A Better Start to a Solid Foundation, Drilco!

Drilco, Inc. offers many types of drilling rigs. Our hillside and limited access drilling rigs are custome designed to exceed the drive-ability, torque and crowd provided by competent manufacturers. Include our quality manufactured drilling rigs and Drilco, Inc. has the arsenal for just about every drilling scenario.


Drilco Inc has experience in all types of caissons from cased piles to slurry method Drilco Inc can do it all. Our wide variety of custom built tooling and accessories give us the ability to take a pile to depth regardless of soils conditions.


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Temporary Shoring

Temporary shoring is a form of slope stabilization using soldier piles and plate lagging indoor to achieve the proper elevation of a cut were lay back cannot be utilized due to existing improvements surrounding a construction site. Utilizing temporary plates and beams allows a safe site condition for other trades and allow for a lower cost to our customers.

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Permanent shoring:

Permanent shoring is utilized when a wall is needed to be placed directly on a property line or site condition do not allow for a conventional cast in place wall. This process involves the use of soldier pile, timber lagging and sometimes shotcrete. We have the crew and the knowledge to perform all the process need to complete these projects all in house.

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Soil Anchors:

There are several types of soil anchors; tiebacks, soil nails, rock bolts and helical anchors. All are generally installed in a horizontal plane. Each type is tension tested to ensure they reach design requirements.

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